Friday, April 06, 2007

Restorative Yoga and Easter Schedule

Hope this note finds you positively THRIVING as we collectively wait out the winter's last valiant effort to hang on, (mostly) confident that spring will soon prevail. At least the sky is still vast and clear, hinting at our mind's innate quality, and we can all relate with the delicate tree buds, so excited and hopeful to open, but needing the warmth and vibrancy of light to coax them out of their shells.

This note is to alert/remind you that tonight is our Once-a-Month Friday Evening Restorative Yoga Class from 7:30 - 9 pm, this month taught by the very lovely and joyful Jill Manning. This is a regularly priced offering, and a perfectly wonderful way to soothe yourself from the work week and prepare to open your heart to greet friends and family this weekend.

Speaking of which: in honor of Easter, we are happy to announce that our schedule at each studio will remain (mostly!) the same. The only difference this weekend is that the Sunday Evening Restorative Yoga Class at Wake Up Yoga West will NOT be happening. Please come on in to move and breathe and remember who you really are at either the 10 am class, or the 4 pm class at West.Of course, you could always get your Restorative Yoga Fix this evening in the Fairmount Studio!!!

And also, please save the date: on Friday, May 4, we will be celebrating Wake Up Yoga's 5th Anniversary with a most joyous celebration. We will have live music (sitar and tabla), a vegetarian potluck smorgasbord of really yummy food (bring anything you'd like to share), perhaps some chanting, dancing?, and a really good time. Please plan to come, to celebrate with your yoga teachers and friends all that this studio and this practice have brought into your life. And remember: it's really fun to see your yoga buddies in "real clothes." Dress for festivities! Hope to see you then ... and sooner!

That's it for now. Wishing you a beauty-full day in which you begin to discover the divine within everything manifest, and uncover the divine residing within your own heart! Jai!

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