Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to School!

What does "Back to School" mean to you? Is it time to go shopping and buy a few new outfits? A time to get serious, to 'buckle down' and get to work? Do you remember being a kid and feeling so much excitement or anxiety about who you would be sitting next to, which friends would be in your homeroom, which friends moved away? Or do you feel so far removed from the traditional education system that this is just another day, week or month?

At Wake Up Yoga, "Back to School" means that it's time to re-connect with your breath, and re-commit to your yoga practice. It means creating a schedule for yourself of when you will practice and/or meditate, chant, journal, study ... and then devising ways to keep you faithful to your intention. Maybe you can find a yoga-buddy to be accountable to. Make "yoga dates" to ensure nothing keeps you from your mat. Entice your friends, family and loved ones to begin practicing yoga so that you can support one another in realizing your fullest potential. Be sure to remind yourself everyday to honor what it is that you hold as Sacred, allowing THAT to inform your thoughts, words and actions.

"Back to School" reminds us that we're always learning and growing, and that each mOMent is our teacher. We recognize that there are new friends to make, and new ways of relating with our 'old' friends.

As the new season and September schedule are upon us, you may notice that a few teachers have moved away from Wake Up Yoga and are no longer on the schedule. Jake, Amy and Meagan are each following a path that has required them to give up their class. Wake Up Yoga is sad to see you go, but excited for you in your new ventures. We hope you'll keep in touch, and come to the studio any time you're 'in town' or simply have the opportunity. You've given so much of yourself in your teachings, and hopefully have received equal parts of respect, gratitude and joy in return. You will be missed. Hopefully you will each take a little seed of this very unique, special place with you and plant it in the garden of your new life. Each one of you has the capacity to create a space in which students feel safe and nurtured enough to soften their armor, tenderize their heart(s), cultivate compassion for themselves and others, while reaching for their dreams. Please keep us posted on your success!

This "Back to School" season has naturally brought a few new teachers, and even two new classes to Wake Up Yoga South. All of our teachers LOVE yoga, they LOVE Wake Up Yoga, and they are passionate and excited to share their experience of yoga with you. Find an opportunity to introduce yourself to one of the new teachers and savor the flavor each one uniquely brings to her class.

For me, "Back to School" is very much that: back to teaching. You may know, I took a 'Teaching Sabatical' for the month of August. My time was invested in creating systems for operating the three studios, as well as practicing with many of our very skilled and impressive teachers, and preparing for the next Teacher Training program (which begins in 3 weeks!). With the help of Joseph, Alane and Biz, I've also been sprucing up the studios. Maybe you've noticed, maybe not. As long as you find the spaces warm and cozy, that's enough for me. A few rennovations are still in the works, so stay tuned!

We're also about to launch a new website, which is very exciting. Under the creative genius of Jill Margraff and her colleague Ransom Weaver, Wake Up Yoga's website will be visually interesting, user-friendly, and faithful to the flavor of who we are and what we offer. Stay tuned for news of the launch, as well as an invitation to a celebration party.

As you reflect upon your summer and plan for the autumn, here's wishing you the excitement and freshness of "Back to School" perhaps hidden within each and every breath!