Thursday, April 19, 2007


As some events are unfolding in our city/state/country/world with tremendous rage and violence, you may find comfort in remembering that there is at least an equal amount of love, tenderness, joy and peace more quietly revealing itself throughout this world. Strangers still smile at one another, unexpected generosity and kindness flouish in both likely and unlikely ways, the miraculous sun still rises, and we each have many opportunities to pause, reflect, count our blessings and consider our actions. By responding appropriately to circumstances, rather than reacting habitually, we begin to see that each one of us has the power to contribute in a positive way to this world we share.

Coming to your mat is a priceless opportunity for you to decompress, to breathe in spaciousness and clarity, while exhaling tension, resistance and fear. The yoga studio is a sacred space in which you can find the courage to really examine the inner workings of your mind, to dismantle any negative thought patterns and create instead powerful metaphors to live into. The word 'yoga' itself means union, and through this practice we unite disparate aspects of ourself, shining light on our own darkness (jealousy, anger, greed) so that they no longer have unconscious control over our actions. Through the breath we also find union between ourselves and everything living. Prana, breath, both ignites and unites everything vital, and we come to feel that we are all indeed connected. This jouney of union continues on deeper and deeper levels until, eventually, we come to see, as Hafiz has said, "... there is just one flesh we can wound."

The yoga studio is also a haven of warmth, safety and laughter. It is a place you can come to remember that people are good, that life is incredibly valuable, and that each one of us is on a mission of manifestation. We're here to help you find your way, and enjoy the ride!

Please take a moment to look at our very exciting Special Events. I hope to see you soon and often, and wish you all the clarity, compassion and humor you need to savor your experience of now.

With Love,

Corina Benner
Director, Wake Up Yoga, LLC

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