Thursday, May 03, 2007

What a Glorious Day!

I'm reminded of a college semester spent in Manchester, England. During that short time, for me and my classmates, every weekend demanded a day trip, or an overnight stay; every art museum and monument had to be visited, and I remember many conversations centered around where to view the sunset any night of the week. This time felt so precious to all of us, that our choices on how to spend time were made very carefully, as we knew this experience would not and could not last. How easy it seems to be to slip into a daily routine that takes so much of our world for granted! On a day such as today, as I plug away on this computer and plan events, contacting who needs to be contacted, and responding to emails, phone calls and requests of all kind, I'm reminded that days like this do not happen every day, and tomorrow is not a guarantee. I'm planning to get out there soon (if this attempt doesn't get swallowed up into cyber space!) to take a walk, breathing deeply, savoring this miraculous existence. Here's hoping you can claim some time for yourself, too, and enjoy your beautiful life!

Just a reminder that we are celebrating Wake Up Yoga's 5th Year in Existence (Jai!) this Friday, May 4, from 6-9:30 pm. This means the 5:45 pm class will not be happening (which I'm sad not to be teaching), but please do plan to join us here. We'll have a Vegetarian Potluck Extravaganza (bring anything you'd like to share), have Thomas Flanagan on the Sitar and his friend Jeremy on the Table. We may even break into some spontaneous dancing, or weave our individual voices into a tapestry of sacred sound giving breath to delightful mantras. In any event, if you practice here regularly, used to come around before your daily life routed you to a different routine, trained to be a teacher here, or simply enjoy receiving these emails and feeling connected to a loving and nurturing community: your presence is sincerely requested. Perhaps you'll meet up with old friends, or actually get the chance to talk to that person whose mat is often near yours in the silence of yoga practice. Wake Up Yoga parties are always fun, and I do hope you will come.

In Love and Light,


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