Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jagarata Newsletter

Those of you who are on our email list have seen our new newsletter format! As Wake Up Yoga approaches our five year anniversary, and the studio(s!) continue to grow, I frequently need to expand my own ideas about who we are, who we affect, and how we can best present our offerings to the students who will most benefit from our efforts. The new newsletter has added graphics, color, and inspiration that I hope convey even more of the warmth, sincerity and passion we at Wake Up Yoga have for all things yoga, and that you will find within our offerings something to inspire you, to challenge you, and to spur on your own growth and transformation on this shared but individual journey toward Self knowledge! If you are not on our newsletter and would like to join, simply go to our home page and enter your email address in the sign-up form there.

Regarding the name of the newsletter: Manorama brought to my attention that Jagarata means "Wake Up!" in Sanskrit. In the Katha Upanishad, an earnest student is encouraged by Yama, the God of Death himself, to "Get up! Wake Up! Seek the Guidance of an illumined teacher and realize the Self!" It is our most profound wish that, through these offerings, each and every student will come ever-closer to that Self realization, the Awakened State, Enlightenment ... by any name, the experience of Heaven on Earth, of peace ... of laughter, happiness and joy.

And about that 5-Year Anniversary: Yes, we will have a party! Please save the date: Friday, May 11. Details to come, but please plan to come and celebrate this studio, this community, and the many ways in which your life (and the lives of your loved ones!) has been enhanced through what you learn and practice within these golden walls.

Jai (victory!) to you!

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