Thursday, September 20, 2007

Global Mala and Philadelphia Ratha Yatra Festival

We are gearing up for quite a full weekend in the yoga world here in Philadelphia ... and around the globe. This is the weekend of Global Mala, and a bevy of yoga local teachers have come together to create what we intend to be a powerful, challenging and fun fund-raising yoga event (details below). What you need to know is:
* The event is taking place between 12 - 4 pm, on Sunday, September 23, 2007
* We are gathering on North Georges Hill, behind the Mann Music Center, in Fairmount Park.
- Directions: From 76 West Bound, take the West River Drive/Montgomery Drive Exit, and turn LEFT
at the traffic light (away from West River Drive).
At the next traffic light (Belmont Avenue) turn Right.
At the next traffic light (Wynnefield Avenue) turn Left.
Take the next LEFT ( . 2 miles), which is North Georges Hill Drive. Find the group there!

* At 12 Noon, Shelley Hollaran from Habitat for Humanity will speak (they are the recipients of 100% of the profits raised!).

* Sometime around 12:10 or so, we'll begin 108 Sun Salutations, called a Yoga Mala, in sets of 9 taught by different area yoga teachers. We'll all be practicing together ... joining movement with breath, intention with compassion, laughter with sweat, as we weave our individual vibrations with everyone in the park, joining in a global initiative to BE the shift we'd like to see in the world. (Many of your favorite Wake Up Yoga teachers will be there ... come share in the glory!). Our intention is to offer a 5-minute child's pose after each 3rd teacher (27 sun salutations).

* A table will be set up from around 11:30 am, with volunteers ready and willing to register participants. We're asking people to sign a liability waiver, and to indicate if they feel comfortable with the possibility of their image (photo) being used in connection with Global Mala (should we decide to try this again next year!). There is no obligation to consent to a photo release, and we promise never to sell the photos to any service so that your image ends up in an embarrasing advertisement some years down the road. We just wouldn't do that! We hope to have wrist-bands in different colors so that any potential photographer could easily distinguish from those who consent to photos versus those who don't.

* We're asking for a $15 suggested donation to participate in the Yoga Mala (and you are not obligated to do all 108 salutations!). If that's too steep for you, offer what you can sincerely contribute.

* You are able to buy raffle tickets at the event. We have amassed an amazing list of prizes (see below) and, so far, haven't sold a whole lot of tickets. This means the odds are in your favor! Tickets will be $20, and the drawing will be held after the Yoga Mala. You needn't be present to win; if you'd like to buy a raffle ticket in advance, please see any Wake Up Yoga teacher (write your name, phone number and email address on the back, please).

* After the drawing, we will sit together and chant. We'll probably share a continuous OM (or a sea of OMs, as participants come into and out of the OM with their own breath ... maybe for 18 minutes or more!) to send the vibrations of the seed sound out into the park, the city, the country and the world. We may follow that with some recitations of a sacred mantra (to be determined). We're hoping to have musicians accompany the entire event, and we believe the sound will be just beautiful to hear as well as to feel.

* At the end of the event, we'll be cleaning up. If you have the time and inclination and would like to assist us with this job, your efforts will be tremendously appreciated.

In other yoga news, another event is happening on Saturday, September 22, from Love Park all the way down to the front of the Art Museum on the Benjamen Franklin Parkway. This is the Philadelphia Ratha Yatra Festival, otherwise called the "Parade of Chariots Festival of India." It runs from 12 noon - 7:30 pm, and features FREE vegan and vegetarian food, a craft market, exhibits, family fun and ... a Yoga Tent! Free yoga classes/demonstrations will be offered throughout the day, so dress to move. Wake Up Yoga is scheduled to have a presence there from ... I think it's 1:50 -2:30 pm (I better check on that!).

Ok, that's all you need to read about right here, right now. Tidbits of information about upcoming events follow ... some time next week I intend to have the time and presence of mind to add new information. In the meantime, celebrate the Harvest of the Autumn with Celebration, Gratitude and Love!

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Harris said...

Many would opt for this especially those who have been practising yoga. One can gain inner peace by meditating for a while and passing message to whole world. One shouldn't lose this dual advantage where one could even win amazing prizes if he could buy raffle tickets..