Monday, August 06, 2007

August 07

Happy August! Hope this note finds you absolutely relishing the spicy, pungent, astringent, salty, bitter and sweet flavors of your beautiful life. When approached as tastes on the palate, perhaps even the most challenging of life's circumstances could be appreciated as necessary for a well-rounded experience!

Things at Wake Up Yoga (both studios) continue to thrive. The Fairmount community is flourishing in a way that almost feels like summer-camp. As people drift in and out of town, each class is a mini-reunion with plenty of giggles, sweat droplets, and shared good vibrations. And the current at West continues to gain momentum as we all work together to get the whirlpool spinning in the same direction. On a daily basis, it seems, students express genuine gratitude for Wake Up Yoga's presence in that neighborhood.

For me, personally, although running the studios can be stressful and challenging at times, it is an honor and a privilege. Many of you who practice here work in the 'real world' where honesty, compassion and tenderness are not always the most prized qualities, and where you are directly confronted with human suffering in its multitude of forms. That Wake Up Yoga allows you to decompress, stretch out, refresh your mind, challenge your perceptions, and connect with your spirit so that you can continue to do good work in the world (and enjoy yourself while you're at it!) ... well, this inspires all of the teachers here to invest even more heart in what we do. I'm reminded that, although many people appear to be motivated by what they can get from life, most of us find we are the happiest when we feel we have something to give. A hearty 'thank you!' to all who give us the opportunity to share our passion and love of yoga with you.

Following is news of Special Events happening at both studios, including our highly regarded Teacher Training Certification Program which begins in October of this year (!!!). Scroll through the offerings, let your heart guide you toward that which is for your own highest good, and stay engaged. Know that every effort you make moving toward the Source inspires the Source to move toward you!
Sending Love and Laughter,
Corina Benner

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