Friday, November 03, 2006

WUY West Opening Monday!

Just a reminder: tonight is our once-a-month Buddhism Dharma Talk with Michael Carroll, from 7:30 — 9 pm. There is a $10 suggested donation; if that's too much for you right now, please make us an offer! Tonight's topic: Karma in Everyday Life - Understanding the Vision of the Boddhsattva. Intriguing!!! Don't miss this one!

Also, Once-a-Month Saturday Yin Yoga is being cancelled for now, which means we are NOT having the class tomorrow. This offering hasn't been well attended, and it seems unfair to ask a teacher to be here if students aren't going to be! If this news is devastating to you, please email me at: to let me know. With enough interest, we may look into beginning this offering again in a pre-registration format to gauge interest. In any case, it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so drink it up! Remember Kate is here Saturday morning at 8 am, Biz is here at 10 am, and Sunday morning we've got Nicole at 10 am, and Tina at 5:30 pm. Get Your Breath On!!!

And now, I am so pleased and delighted to announce the official soft opening of Wake Up Yoga West, Monday, November 6. Hurray! Thank you to everyone who pitched in, offered to help, and/or wrote an email or left a phone message voicing your support. Just wait 'till you see the space!!! It has great Bhava (mood/vibe) ... the walls are the same golden color you've come to call home here in Fairmount, and there is this interesting loft with a railing at the back that feels almost like a castle or something equally theatrical (in a very non-distracting sort of way). A beautiful sign is being built and we'll soon have the logo on the gorgeous display windows. There's also another display being created which, hopefully, will convey the spirit and joy that we intend to spread in West Philly. Still picking up the last of the immediately necessary supplies and figuring out how the systems will work ... but this is just the placing of the last pieces into the puzzle. Anyway, please plan to come practice with us next week! For the opening schedule, click here!

Boy it has been a whirlwind: running the one studio and teaching, while working to get the next one up and running. A labor of love for sure, and when you walk in those doors I hope you'll agree it has all been worth it!

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