Sunday, November 12, 2006


On the morning of this festive holiday, we will offer our normal $5 vinyasa flow class (clear out some space for the big feast and prepare to enjoy time with your family!). The evening classes will not happen. My question is this: Friday. Are you planning/hoping to come to class this day? Please let me know. Thanks!

Oh, and Wake Up Yoga West has softly opened... students have been to every scheduled class so far! We're working out the kinks... hoping to have the credit card machine functioning soon, and work out the class card system. If you have a class card at Wake Up Yoga Fairmount, and would like to use it at both locations, please ask a teacher to transfer your classes to a punch card that you take with you. Or, you could have a class card at each location on file. We will have a Grand Opening Celebration soon! In the meantime, keep coming to class (at both studios!), tell your friends ... together we're building a community that spans many generations, cultures, socio-econonomic strata ... finding peace, compassion and joy, and feeling really good in the process. Yoga Rocks!!!

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