Friday, October 13, 2006

The Juice!!!

Things are certainly cooking around here, what with a bouncing baby yoga studio on the way. The lease has been signed and there are posters in the windows at 4916 Baltimore Avenue announcing the pending arrival of Wake Up Yoga West. This weekend we'll be there painting the walls and devising how to best utilize the space, as well as determine the system for operation. The space is very much like Wake Up Yoga: there is no foyer, one enters directly into the space, and there's a good vibe already present in the room. We're sticking with the vibrant, golden squash color and are on the lookout for just the right shelving and stereo. It's very exciting, and feels very sudden, although the idea for a West Philly space had been planted years ago. Many West Philadelphians have already written and phoned expressing their excitement and enthusiasm, all of which has been deeply appreciated! A modified November/December schedule is being created, with a full scale Yoga Assault planned for the New Year! If you live in West Philly and would like to register a vote for classes at particular time slots, please email me at: We'll definitely have 6 pm classes, and hopefully expand into 7:45 pm classes as well. A few 7 am classes could be offered, along with 9 am and maybe 12 noon. I'd be really excited to see if a 2 pm or 4 pm class would serve the needs of this thriving community; if any of this appeals to you and your own unique schedule, please let me know!

In the meantime, there is so much happening right here at home! Don't forget to review our upcoming events and workshops. If you're interested in enrolling in an event, please call the studio: 215.235.1228. You can enroll with a credit card or send a check, but do let us know you are planning to attend!

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