Thursday, October 05, 2006

Exciting News!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind journey toward autumn, and there is some exciting news on the horizon. It looks like Wake Up Yoga will have a little sister in West Philadelphia. Plans are still being finalized for Wake Up Yoga West, but a very sweet space has been offered and the lease should be signed tomorrow morning. If all goes as planned, we'll be painting next weekend, and heading toward a 'soft-opening' at the start of November. We'll begin with an abbreviated schedule to gauge interest and get a feel for how to best serve the community. Our intention (if the demand is there) is to offer $5 morning yoga classes (both Yin & Flow), early evening prenatal yoga (in addition to Vira Rasa Flow, Sringara Rasa Flow and Yin Yoga), Brand New Beginner's Series', and weekend classes; we'd also love to offer Mommy & Me Postpartum Yoga, and even Family, Kids and Teen Yoga (let us know if any of this tickles your fancy!). Over the years quite a few West Philadelphians have expressed a strong desire to have Wake Up Yoga closer to home; if this news makes you really happy, OM three times and hug the first person you see!

The possibility of a second location really excites me with the realization that we will be able to hire more teachers! Many trainees have graduated from our certification program with so much to share and few opportunities to do so. And I believe much of what makes Wake Up Yoga so special is the warmth, the heart and the sense of community that is palpable in this space. To create yet another haven in this city for people to breathe together, to discharge toxicity and nourish their entire being body to spirit surely will do no harm and may even help stem the tide of violence, anger and aggression which has been widely reported and perhaps directly experienced this year.

Of course, the same quality of love and dedication will be lavished upon the old original Wake Up Yoga. To that end, click here to see our newly added events and workshops!

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