Wednesday, October 28, 2009


To celebrate All Hallows Eve this year, come to a workshop at the Wake Up Yoga Fairmount Studio! It's happening from 1-4 pm, entitled: Unmask Your True Self, and Face the Poses That Scare You! It's currently pretty small, but the event is ON, so come join us!

With "Unmask" the student is invited to drop the many layers of ego identification that each one of us hides behind. Through Yoga practice, you come to realize that you are not really a gender or race, not truly a profession or relationship role, not a success or failure, not a vegetarian or carnivore. As we loosen our grip on these roles that define us, we discover there's not so much at stake, not an image to protect, nothing to defend. We realize how much effort is often expended simply to prove to ourselves and others that we are these things.

Unmasking yourself has the potential to unleash tremendous stores of energy that you can now put to good use exploring yoga poses that scare you. We will break the postures down to their most basic element: combinations of joint movement, and then explore finding those movements in different relationships to gravity. We will demystify some of the more glamorous poses (like eka pada kundiniasana) and also unpack some of the basics, like Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) and Sirsasana (Headstand). The sequencing of the workshop will also shine light on how to unlock the body to prepare you on many levels to explore these asana.

Wake Up Yoga Fairmount is at 2329 Parrish Street in Philadelphia, and the event costs $50. If you enroll by 4 pm on Thursday, save $10! Enroll by calling the studio at 215.235.1228, or email:

Looking forward to seeing you there! And in any event ... Boo!

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