Monday, August 25, 2008

Preparing for our Pilgrimage to India

Greetings, Friends in Yoga!

The Wake Up Yoga first ever pilgrimage is preparing to launch next week. A group of 18 travelers (including myself, co-teacher Jill Manning, and my husband, Paul Wilkinson) is meeting up on the Indian Sub-Continent for a 2 week whirlwind tour of India. We'll spend some time in the South, in Delhi, visit the Taj Mahal, and stay in an Ashram in Rishikesh. We'll even camp out by the Ganges on the last evening. To prepare, we've all received numerous inoculations, applied for visas, and even gathered a few times to 'meet and greet.' There is a nervous excitement palpable in everyone going. Having been planning this trip since January, it's so exciting to realize we depart NEXT WEEK.

I hope to post some updates 'on the road,' so to speak, to keep everyone in the homeland abreast of our travels. If the trip turns out to be successful (and I cannot imagine otherwise!), perhaps this will become a pilgrimage we offer annually, or every other year.

In any event, please check back to the blog every few days. Hopefully we'll even figure out how to upload images to share our journey with you in real time.

With Love,

Corina Benner
Director, Wake Up Yoga, LLC

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