Thursday, September 14, 2006

Upcoming Events

When I was in junior high school the song, "See You in September..." was always played over the loudspeaker on the last day of school, carrying with it the mildest form of sadness for the parting... and hinting at the excitement that the fall would bring.

I'm feeling that excitement here at Wake Up Yoga, as faces who were sunning themselves somewhere else this summer have started showing themselves back in classes this week. There is a reunion-like feeling with everyone (I hope) enjoying the sense of 'returning home': home to this studio, home to your breath and body, and home to the challenge of diving back into your work with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Here's wishing you an autumn filled with moments to savor the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures, and the cozy sense of being at home, of belonging, wherever it is you happen to be!

As for events, boy do we have a veritable plethora of offerings for you this fall. You can find out details on our Special Events and Workshops Page.

While perusing the offerings we have on tap here at Wake Up Yoga, I'll encourage you to consider the notion of the 'Purusharthas,' which means 'that for which a person strives,' and essentially refers to our goals in life. According to this methodology, we need to spend equal energy in our lives toward: Artha: earning a living and having material needs met; Kama - pleasure and enjoying life; Dharma - conscientious, right living and the fulfillment of our individual purpose; and Moksha: liberation, the efforts we make toward our spiritual lives. If you realize that you spend too much time at work, or in chasing evasive pleasures, perhaps you will be inspired to tend to your spirit as well. It is our intention to provide you ample opportunities to tend to your Moksha here, which we believe will greatly enhance your own experience of being alive.

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